• Webinar Recording

    Martin MAC Aura XIP Indoor/Outdoor Wash Light: Worldwide Launch Event


    This is the Worldwide Product Launch Event, for the Martin MAC Aura XIP Indoor/Outdoor Wash Light, that was broadcast live September 22 & 23, 2022. It introduces the Martin MAC Aura XIP premium moving head wash light that raises the bar for optical quality and features an even wash field with soft edge, minimal stray light, and high intensity mid-air beams. It has a radical aura filament effect, with improved light engine control and a first-in-its-class outdoor rating with close to zero compromises in weight, size and aesthetics. The MAC Aura XIP offers lighting designers a range of possibilities with its aura filament effect, narrower beam and better wash quality with improved light engine control. Rental customers will appreciate a workhorse that is lighter and more versatile with optical improvements and a sealed design, allowing the product to be used virtually anywhere and require less maintenance. Explore complete product details and specifications: https://www.martin.com/products/mac-aura-xip