• Learning Session Video

    Martin P3 - Training Course Basic to Advanced with Aaron Vengrow


    Led by Martin Lighting Experts, Aaron Vengrow and Brandon Robbins, this training course covers the Martin P3 visual control system using the free P3-PC program. Topics include basic theory, practical workflow for getting the system up and running, and advanced features such as DMX override.


    Aaron Vengrow - Aaron is a former touring lighting and video technician who has been with Martin Professional for three years. In an industry that continues to push the bounds of technology, he enjoys the nuts-and-bolts process of bringing lighting and video designs to reality via P3.

    Brandon Robbins - Starting as an intern at Martin Professional more than 15 years ago and spending 11 years in the Repair department, Brandon Robbins now works in Product and Application Support, providing training for Martin products and assisting customers before and after sales.